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Tutorials 106: How to build a Dog House

Dogs are man’s best friend -they have accompanied man for almost tens of thousands of years ago. In the early times, dogs are with us as either as a companion or source of food. In modern times, dogs provide us security and companion. A study shows that having such animal companion can increase your lifespan to two years. Now, isn’t right that we should also give our little canine friend the luxury of having his own house? Building a dog house is fun. It is not like any other task that needs extra effort, in other words, it is just like a walk in the park. So here’s a simple guideline on how to build your dogs their own house.

In building your dogs a home, see to it that it will be a home sweet home for him/her. Generally speaking, make your dog as comfortable as possible. You don’t want your dog complaining like barking always at night which destroys your sleep. Plan first before executing -this is the basic of all doing things. In planning, make sure you are building the right house for your dogs. Different breeds correspond to a different housing. For example,  a St. Bernard would need a bigger house with a better cooling system since they need a cooler place to be more comfortable with. Same is true with a labrador, Chihuahua and etc. Different breeds have different needs. For a start, ventilation and insulation should also be your main concern in planning a dog house. When your four-legged friend is still a puppy design the house as if it will last forever, this will save you more time and effort in the future -since as we all know, the puppy would grow into a full grown dog in most cases. To wrapped it up, before building a dog house, we should consider all factors that are involved so as not to redo all the works that we were done and not to waste all the efforts and finances.
In building make sure that the area of the dog house has a lot more space so that the occupants inside it will have more room to stretch their muscle and bones. Avoid cramping as this will lead to serious injury to your pet. Let the inside of the house be a welcome sanctuary for the dog. Be sure that the one you build has a strong foundation, let it stand against the destructive elements because after all what is a dog house if it can’t protect your dog. Select a spot that is not readily exposed to the sun. Dogs are easily affected by the warm heat. An advisable tip is to build the dog under a big tree or any area that are shaded. Don’t forget to build a floor for your dog house this will not only protect your pet from the possible mud and grasses but it will also make it neater. It will be up to you on what the floor will be made of. When all of these are done, the size of the dog house, the structure, the flooring and the roof you can now decorate your dog house. Some people might think of installing beddings, ventilation, heater etc. you don’t have to this as dogs are very adaptive to their surroundings. Their physicality and their built have already evolved to adapt to the harsh surroundings. Decorate it in a simple way enough for your dogs to call it their own.

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