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Tutorials on How to Create a Link wheel

This is a very brief tutorial, nothing fancy or anything complicated I will teach how to create a link wheel.
The link wheel that I will create will have to be 4 web 2.0 sites only, the spoke will be of your choice but since this is a tutorial I will just make it simple. The web 2.0 sites will be mainly from


1. Create a unique article that is related to your niche/keywords.
2. After creating the article, spun the content 4 times. The number of your spoke will determine how many times you spun the article (it is not advisable to have the same content for every web 2.0 but if you want l it can be done doing the same content for every site. just skip this step if you are using the same content)
3. Create profiles for, weebly, tumblr and blogger.
4. Put the original article and the spun content(provided you use different content for every site) and create a link connected to your main site(money site) and then to another web 2.0 properties thus you create a wheel


Finally after creating the link wheel, bookmark them and submit their RSS to RSS submission sites.
You are now done! Enjoy creating your link wheel.

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