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Tutorials 108: How to fix a broken Tile floor

One thing that adds beauty in our house is the floor tiles. It may not be readily recognized but the fact is that it can also be readily detected when you have a bad one. Floor tiles are easy to install and if properly installed would last longer. Just like any other part of a house floor tiles are not excused of being damaged or wrecked. Most of the reason why your floor tiles are damaged is sometimes cause by humans, like carrying a heavy object and accidentally hit the floor it is then you realized you have a cracked tiles. Natural causes are seldom but still contribute a significant damage to the tile, but usually, this would only come in if at the start of the installation of the tiles are not properly installed. This article would focus primarily on how to fix a broken tile, a DIY or Do-It-Yourself guide on what to do if you have damage tiles.

Same with every repair, one thing you should do is to assess the damaged of the tile or tiles. When replacing it try to look for the same match with the damaged tile. Working with tiles is an easy task and you can just do this without assistance -after you have gathered all the needed materials for the repair. It is now time to remove the damaged tile. Do this by drilling the tiles, in doing so focus only on the damaged one and be careful not to affect other undamaged tiles. After you have drilled this, use hammer and chisel to remove the drilled tile or the debris that was left of it. The purpose of drilling is to make the tile easy to dispatch by drilling diagonally from each side forming an X mark. After you have chiseled the tile, remove the broken tile and scrape the cement that holds it. This will pave way for the new ones as you need to install it the way it was installed before.

Stripped of the area of dust and other debris that may interfere with the new installation. When all the area is clean it is now then ready for the new tile, in installing place a cement under it using a trowel for the tile to lay on, be sure to put the tiles in perfect order if you are repairing more than one tile. The key is to place it in perfect as not to look bad. When you are done with placing the tile at the right position slightly pressed the newly installed with a rubber mallet to level it with the others. Afterward, let it cure and while all the tiles are in process of curing don’t walk on it.

Allow it to cure overnight. When the process is done mix some grout for the finishing touches. Don’t put too much or to less read the instructions on how to mix grout. Applied the grout on every side of the tile this is very important that you have done this. For the excessive amounts that are present on the side of the tiles wipe it with a sponge.

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