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Tutorials 105: How to Fix a Broken Window Glass

Most of us are aware that window glass are fragile, right? Situations like children playing baseball near your house, Party people in the house doing their wild thing or just mother nature blowing harshly towards your window. All of these factors can cause your beloved windows to shattered down to pieces. When that tragedy comes, the backbreaking work of replacing broken window glasses comes in. before doing any repairs make sure you can do it and not make your window worst than before. If the windows structure is complex it is advisable to look for a professional to handle it, but if the windows are just a plain old cowboy window then you can do your thing and show that window glass what you’ve got.

First thing you should remember in dealing with this kind of work is to always prioritize safety. Broken glass can inflict serious wounds. It can leave you hideous scars that you might regret. So be careful always! The first thing you need to do is to remove the old broken glass. Remember our first rule to be cautious, use gloves when removing the glass, if in case the it is too large or big, use section of slit hose to hold it on its edges. Check the glass, if there are no holes use duct tape to hold the broken glass together as not to allow more damage when removing the old one. If in case the damage is too big, work on the putty by working on the top of the window first and then to the bottom. Use a hammer and chiesel in doing so. For the points use pincers or pliers in removing them and for the remaining putty use an old rug to remove them. Apply linsed oil for the wood of the rabbet to prevent absorption of the moisture from the putty. Make a holder from duct tape and stick it on the glass for an easy hauling of the window glass.

The next is the installation of the glass. What you need to do is to put the putty on the rabbet. You can do this by making a rope like putty and then place it on the four corners of the rabbet. Use your hands to flatten it. Take the new glass and press it against the putty that has been pace on the rabbet. Let the bottom be the first to contact and then the three sides. Secure that you have press the glass properly on the sides and not on the center as they are known to crack when force is introduced at the center.

Afterwards seal it up. Put all putty on the window glass on the edges of the rabbet so that it will fill it. Use the putty knife and make a forty five degree angle between the edges of the rabbet and the glass for a better foundation of the newly installed glass. When all this task are finish let it stay for at least days or weeks. In this time period the putty will dried up and you can now proceed to painting, varnishing or whatever you want to do on your window. Chill and enjoy your new window .

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