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List of Ping Sites Services

Pinging help your site faster indexed by Google or other search engine and directories. It does not only index your site but also adds traffic to it. One of the end results of Pinging is that your site will be index, meaning it can now be seen on search engine. It will tell search engine that your site is now ready or it has been updated.

One thing that you should be aware of is you only need to use one ping services at a time as most of the Ping Sites submit your website to the same directories and search engine, the result will be spamming and we all know what are the consequences of spamming right? Pinging is good but when used wrongly it will be your worst enemy.

So here are the list of Ping Services that I have gathered.

Blog Ping for Squidoo Lenses
My Page Rank
Feed Shark
Feed Ping
King Ping Your Blog
Ping 4 Free: Free Blog Ping Service
Syncr Ping Service

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