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Online Job Tutorials: The Epic Fail Story I

The first time that I heard of it is when I notice that one of my younger brother seems to have life on the highest pedestal. Like a prodigal son that wasted his money on life’s pleasure, he partied with friends, hangs out with them all the time and seems to have a spring of money flowing in its pocket. It seems like he never runs out of money.  Some of our relatives and even my sisters were so amazed to the extent that they praised him for that. I even remember that whenever they needed money or they are short of budget they will look for him to burrow, that includes me of course though I can’t remember if I ever did burrow some money but for the benefit of the doubt I will just include myself. WOW! Isn’t that amazing? A slap to my face twice! I am the oldest of the boys and yet he seems to be the more able to help our family and considering the fact that he never went to college, I even doubt it if he even knew how to spell the word “college”-- just kidding. A lot of them I have noticed are so kind, maybe because people with bills are attractive or so. But on my part, I was never shocked as I already knew that he earned money through playing games online. I just thought to myself that it was just another racket that they have and who am I to join? I will have a degree soon and I was never built for that trends. I told myself that it was just for the backstreet boys and in no way would I care to fall for that crap. I deserve much better than that.
So I continue with my studies and my brother continued with his business. I  guess for the time that passes by, I cannot deny the fact that the Online job phenomenon at that time is changing the status of living within my community and the visible evidence of course none other than  the prodigal son himself –my brother! People within my community consistently enjoyed the luxuries that they never had before. From living into a hideous shanty houses to a more desirable homes, some even have the guts to host a birthday parties for a member of their families and a few others bought travel luxuries such as motorcycles, bicycles and more motorcycles; as I never heard of anyone from the online job community bought a car. Even our solvent boys here are now on cocaine and illegal drugs. Wew! Level up! Online jobs have really helped not only the economy itself but directly to the people who have been involved in this business. This went on for years and the phenomenon has been declared a pandemic. Almost all of the people I knew here were working online, specifically in the field of SEO –Search Engine Optimization. Everywhere I go they talked strange languages I never know the word social bookmarking, profile links, backlinks! I never heard of it before and it keeps me alienated whenever friends talked about it. Amidst all the turmoil and all the civil disturbances created by this phenomenon, I, the all Philippine pride stay to my beliefs that this crap is not build for me to savor.

To be continued. . . .

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