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It was 4:50 in the morning and still to no avail, not a single message in my inbox which I have received from the online companies that I have applied to last night. This has been the scene for the last couple of months now. Usually, a deluge of the interview will come in at this time of the day, whenever I will submit my application after the time that I have applied for a job opening online. Companies then would fall in line just to interview me. My inbox would be like in a Chinese New Year where red was the only dominant color that a naked eye could see.  I am confused that at the time being not a single company is interested in making me as a part of their team. One could only wonder that an employee like me, who I do not claim to be an expert or something but with respect to the field that I am focusing on, can be considered to be one of the top caliber worker or the crème de la crème in this field.  Why is it that I could no longer find a decent job online? With my quality feedbacks and a long history of working on the different field, why in the world companies have been ignoring me? Or am I just hysterical?  Is there such luck that could be taken away from me? Or have I done something that the heavens begin cursing me and left me to rot utterly?- Exaggeration mode. Is there really such thing as a drought season in one’s career? Personally, I do not believe in luck nor in destiny, I believe in the saying that what you will harvest in the future is the product of your sacrifice today. In Mechanical engineering terms, “energy in is equal to energy out”. If you want the end product, you have to work for the formula to get the results you wanted. As for me, I gave my all and I have done everything that is needed to be done within my powers, creating applications on the spot and answering all their questions, talking about the truth and not lying if I can or can’t do it, submitting my portfolio and feedbacks and yet the result is far more opposite to positive. What more will I do to return to my Glory days? What offering will I take to appease the gods? All assets have been laid out, all tactics have been executed well and yet here I am still waiting for positive signs of life on my dying career online. How long will I have to wait for this tormented season to end? Every time I tried to look for a job, my mind meanders in the vast wilderness of uncertainty of what if’s and if’s. I am already losing hope, I am crossing fingers that may all the hard work that I have sacrificed in finding a job may give its profit before time runs out.

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