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Tutorials for the Greater Philippines: Taumbayan

"Para Sa Bayan"

Oftentimes I heard these phrases from almost all of the self-proclaimed politicians of the country. I guess we don’t need a bunch of tutorials for this to determine what I mean. Whenever politicians or other modern Zeroes was being put into the limelight they would always say that their main interest was the common good of the taumbayan –Para Sa Bayan. One could wonder, amidst all the countless ironic noble politicians and other PBB housemate wannabe heroes why is it the social interest of the common people has been left behind? Why is it that the price of gasoline keeps on rising? Basic commodities were near to deprivation for those people who they were referring to as the taumbayan?  Why is it that most of our government establishments were being kept outdated in terms of personnel and facilities?  The hospitals, fire department, police, and many others just to name a few.  Remember that the taumbayan rely on them, morons.

These people really have the balls to use the taumbayan for their own political ambitions and propagandas. It really irritates me whenever I saw the news on Television and these idiots would justify their deeds using the people who were really not interested on their rackets. I wish I could just poke their eyes on television or give them a good blow to their heads. How I wish I could just do that so that I will no longer have to be annoyed.  I remember a good example to this. When Mar Roxas drop the presidency to give way to Noynoy Aquino he said: “Eto na ang pinakamabigat na decision sa buhay ko, ginagawa ko ito para sa bayan.” Is he really serious? I mean what’s good in that? By doing so, I guess he does not make this country a favor. He just made it worst! We all know that Noynoy has done nothing during his terms as a congressman and as a Senator and now Mar would say that he has done it for the people? A brilliancy move For the Country? I guess it is more of a blunder maybe; he resides the faith of the country to an uncompetitive and weak leadership brought by this man. I have nothing against Noy, it’s just that I have seen that he is not capable of leading this country. The highest office of the country is in desperately needs of a real life hero, not Zeroes, who will be giving justice if not creating a pathway for the truth to be laid.

Back to reality, our country today is still at its worst and the combined forces of the abusive politicians, morons and zeroes are still at large. They are everywhere from street signs, urinals, offices and pending government projects. They are the one making the very foundation of this country rots. These MORON-ic tribes will continue to step on our rights if we do not do something. I just hope that someday in the near future, the real Para Sa Bayan would be solely justified for what it really means.

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