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Tutorials on an Effective Blog Commenting Technique

This tutorial will help you how to comment wisely on a blog, tips you need to look upon to, find the best PR to comment on and to have the highest rate of comments not being moderated.

  On a step by step analysis:

Choose the Page Rank of the blog you want to comment on. PR   n/a, 1, 2, 3 . . .10
·         Recommended would be Pr 2 and Up.

Make sure that the blog you are commenting on is relevant to your niche e.g. golf, dog food, homes for sale, etc.
·         You must choose the blog that is relevant to your site as this would be helpful when Google analyzes your links; the more relevant the better will be for your site.

    The blogs should be do follow
·         Recommended links should be do follow and less OBL(outbound links)

Comments should be clear and written in Plain English
·         The comments is the most crucial of all, this should be informative and relevant to the topics that you are commenting on, it should be 2 or more sentences as not to be considered a spam.

The anchor text should be given priority.
·         You can create an anchor text by using the keywords on the name instead of your real name or you can use html codes like <a href=”URL”>KEYWORD</a> on the comment box.

There you have it,  a simple tutorial for creating a stupendous blog commenting technique.

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