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How to Get The Approval Status on Google Adsense Program

This tutorial will help you understand the rules that abide in getting the approval of the Google AdSense Program. Getting approved does not need a lot of tutorials to be read, the best thing you need to do is just to note this down:


The Niche(keywords/topics)
Google have been very keen on the niche of your site when it comes to applying for their ads program, the niche/keywords/topics plays a crucial role in having a good CTC(click through rate) though it has little role in the approval of your application but still it can affect it. This is very important as the ads that will appear on your site will be based on the topics you have discussed, without it the advertisement will be irrelevant and CTC will be low. The better the content with keywords the greater chances for you to have an approval.

Content of the Website
As they say "content is king" all traffics are based on the content of the site. Better content generates a lot of traffic and the best content is more favorable for Google Ad sense. Contents are there to create loyalty, attraction and interaction. Most websites should have a good content for without it your website will be just a piece of junk. Remember, how can a visitor appreciate the beauty of your site if there is nothing there that can make them stay? Surely, the bounce rate will be on the highest scale. Just make a good content before applying to the program.

Your Websites' Age
I really have no idea why Google needed your site to be 6 months old but I am guessing that maybe because at this time you may have done the things needed for your website like the content, traffic, etc. I have seen blogs at this age and I guess what my predictions on why Google wants your website to be that old is might be true. Just refer to what I have heard from the expert " In planning to have an income think not of monetizing first." Does it make sense? Well, for me it does! just don't rush things, it will just come.

Uniform Resource Locator
This id just the basic, I have included this one as I have noticed when I first applied for the said program using a free web host site. I notice that I was rejected due to a  bad URL. It was then I realize that a broken URL, irregular Url etc can easily lead to the disapproval as the crawlers of the Google ads program cannot crawl into your site even if you have a good content. SO, for further precautions I just included this one so that if you are planning to apply for the program you will be aware of it.

Google Adsense Program is not the only program  that can have your site monetize. There are plenty of ways but having a Google ads is an advantageous for your part. Focused on this key points and surely in no time your application to Google AdSense program will be approved. Lastly, follow the Terms and condition and the Policy to avoid being banned.

Google Adsense

The Origin
Plenty of people have crave for that lone goal of having an income online. There may be many ways to that but nothing is compared to what Google ad sense offer to its affiliates or members. It has provided a suitable income for bloggers, website owners and other freelancers who rely their income on advertisements. If you search the internet you might find a lot of searches that will lead you to earn cash but the question that poses will be " How Can We Generate income from it?". I know that it is not easy to make some cash on the web but what amaze me with this money making methods is the fact that the mechanism in generating income is very elementary though there are others that you will earn easily but the problem is that it will take time before you will savor it. Google ads may be complex but once you know the basics of it fortune will smile upon you.                                                       

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