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The Ways I Made Money Online

Have you been wondering how you can earn money online? Or in what ways can you generate a suitable income using the internet? Yes, search engines may have given you the results but are you really sure that it is enough, and given that easy steps money will flow? To tell you honestly, I really don't know. What I just know is that I am not exempted with this scenario as I have also been baffled with this same question on how I can generate a decent income online. With my yearning to discover Solomon’s mine on the web, I have used what are available resources for me like the search engine, social media, blogs and other stuff to find what I was looking for. But to no avail, it was not enough information as it is too complex to understand mainly because I am a newbie regarding this field. Out of curiosity, I have joined, used and tried some of the money making ways that I have encountered during my search, and these are the kinds of stuff that I have been doing so far since I was on this quest along with my feedbacks on each one.

PTC( paid to click)
These are sites that pay their members every time they click ads. The mechanism is simple, PTC sites are the middle men while their members will be the viewer/traffic to the sites that paid them.

My Feedback:
It takes time for you to earn real money, though you are earning while clicking but it is not enough.

Sometimes they limit the ads (100 ads per day or less)

They also pay for referrals.

Clicks cost 0.02-0.006 (special ads which rate at $0.02 appear rarely for ordinary member)

PTC Sites that I have joined: clixsense, hits4pay

It is a form of online promotion which utilizes the internet and pays every time the advertisement is click.

My Feedback:
You need to have a lot of traffic in order to generate clicks, the right placement of the ads (adsense) and the relevancy of the ads to your target niche.

Online Ads that I have used: google adsense, chitika,,clicksor, infolinks

It is a kind self-employing yourself by rendering your services to employers without any long term contract to any of them.

My Feedback:
This is by far the easiest way to earn money online. I have been doing this for 2 years now and it really suites me well. This is highly recommended by all. As long as you have the skills, then there is nothing to worry.

FREELANCING sites that I have joined: odesk, fiverr, freelancer

This is a form of marketing where a business rewards its affiliates for its marketing performance like having sales on its product or driving customers to its product.

My Feedback:
Expertise is needed in this field, without it I think it will be hard to sell a single product. You must have used the product before and write a review on it so that customers will be convince to buy the said product.

AFFILIATES program that I have joined: clickbank,

Some of my accounts are still working though but inactive, from the above only my Odesk account are active and the rest are still waiting to produce some cash.

There are more ways to earn money online in which I have not mentioned above. Due to the fact that I do not want to tackle things that I have not yet encountered, I have decided not to discuss them and just proceed to what I know.

I hope this will help in some ways.

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