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How to Monetize Your Blog

The internet has provided us plenty of ways to monetize our blogs, but the one BIG question that we face as a blogger is HOW?  As a blogger, the best thing that could happen to us aside from attracting visitors to our site is to see our blog produced the $ sign on our account. Now, back to reality, how can we make our blog produced some money? Here are the ways that I have gathered on how to monetize your blog. This is based on my experience so far as a newbie in the blogosphere.

PPC (pay per click)

            -You earned when someone clicks on the advertisement being posted on your site.

1. Google AdSense
                        Google AdSense is the most famous PPC programs that most bloggers fueled their blogs with. The revenue will be based on how many clicks you have received from the ads on your blogs. This will also pay you per impressions, impressions are the times when the ads on your blogs are being shown to visitors. The common exchange is $1 per 1000 impressions on the ads.

2. Chitika
                   Chitika has the highest CTR or clicks through among PPC programs mainly because they show more relevant ads than Google AdSense. The beauty of this program is that it can be used alongside with Google AdSense.

3. Ads.indeed

                   The difference between ads.Indeed than the other PPC programs is that it advertises jobs mostly rather than promoting sites or services. is an employment-related metasearch engine for job listings.

4. Infolinks

                        Just like any other PPC programs infolinks pays its publisher by the number of ads being clicked and the value depending on how much does the keywords cost or CPC. Infolinks ads can be a banner and a link. You can design how many links will appear per page and the color of it.

Affiliate Programs
            -You earned by generating sells on the products that you have promoted

1. Amazon
2. Clickbank

I will no longer elaborate each program as they are almost identical with respect to their programs and mechanism. The best way to promote a product is to choose the one that has plenty of searches and sold out. That is the best product to promote. Some of these affiliate programs you can earn by displaying ads on your sites like that in eBay, where in you can earn by referring customers to their product.

Lastly, this is the most important point of all. No matter what money making methods that you are using, the best way was to generate quality traffic to your blog/s. A blog would not earn if it has any visitor, you can promote your blog by way of social media and search engine optimization. Remember that a good traffic along with a good content will definitely have a higher chance of monetizing your blog. Just generate quality traffic to your site and surely it will result in a positive outcome.          

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