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Tutorials on an Effective Blog Commenting

This tutorial will help you how to comment wisely on a blog, tips you need to look upon to, find the best PR to comment on and to have the highest rate of comments not being moderated.
On a step by step analysis:

       Choose the Page Rank of the blog you want to comment on. PR n/a, 1, 2, 3 . . .10

Recommended would be Pr 2 and Up.

        Make sure that the blog you are commenting on is relevant to     your niche e.g. golf, dog food, homes for sale, etc.
         You must choose the blog that is relevant to your site as this would be helpful when Google analyzes your links; the more relevant the better will be for your site.

         The blogs should be "do-follow"

Recommended links should be "do -follow " and less OBL(outbound links)

         Comments should be clear and written in Plain English

The comments are the most crucial of all, this should be informative and relevant to the topics that you are commenting on, it should be 2 or more sentences as not to be considered a spam.

            The anchor text should be given priority.

  You can put the anchor text on the name or you can use HTML codes like <a href=”URL”>KEYWORD</a> on the comment box.

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