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Walking On Memory Lane– hermit theory

This was taken during a walking trip in Bayug Island. My girlfriend and I were taking a walk in this Island to look for a place where we can have a new place to spend quality time with less expense(Actually we really don’t have enough resources to rent a fancy places.hehehe), as a businesspersons we usually canvass before deciding which place fits for us. So there it is when we reach this little placid island we notice a snail near the river bank. Out of curiosity and maybe our childish behavior flourished at that time,we followed the snail because it was one of a kind. It moves differently from that of  an ordinary snail that we have encountered before. After following and capturing it, it is then we realized that it is not just an ordinary snail but a hermit crab taking refuge on an old snail’s home.  This was really an extraordinary experience for us since we have never encountered such humongous hermit crab especially that it lives on an old snail's shell.

It was really huge with eyes ,gouging from every side. I was planning to take it home but then again hermit crabs don't belong to any human’s house it will just definitely not survived since they are not in their natural habitat and also it is a bad idea to bring it home it belongs to the wild and it should remain there.

After that event, I noticed that it is getting dark and I look up in the sky and lo!I found something ethereal. I hurriedly take out my mobile phone and just take a picture of the twilight, I didn't expect it to be a masterpiece but the result was beautiful.

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