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How To Become an Online Freelancer

askjonteesoy.blogspot.comOnline Freelancing is the easiest way to earn money online. The mechanism is so simple, you will render your services to any buyer online without having a long-term contract to any of them. The available jobs of being a freelance worker or a freelancer are multifarious. Services that are needed online for freelancers to fill in are sometimes child’s play and there are some that are somewhat needs of a herculean effort to accomplish. Most of the common positions that are available online are Virtual Assistant, SEO professional, Web Designer, Programmer, Writer, Researcher and Data Entry. Online Freelancing is a more reliable money making source than any other means to generate money online due to the fact that you are paid base on your services to the client. If you compare freelancing to blogging, affiliate marketing, PTC etc. you can be assured that whatever efforts you poured into that job technically will result in an absolute income, unlike blogging and other means where you need luck and high level of expertise to find your ways to the system and earn a suitable income.
With the progression of the economy of online businesses and the shift of businesses to the web, the demand for top quality online freelancers are growing. There are more job opportunities online compared to finding it in the outside world and there are a lot of people that are looking to the internet to give them an alternative source of income and others are building their businesses there.
I have been a freelancer since January 2011 and up to now, I am still doing it. There are times that I have worked with plentiful contracts and there are also times when I have none. Online Freelancing has an immense impact in my life and it has been ever since an exceptional help in my studies which provides me enough cash to pay for my tuition and to close out basic things that are needed at home and for myself.

How to Become a Freelancer Online?

There are plenty of freelancing sites on the web where you can join. Most of these sites are free and all you have to do is to supplement all the necessary information that are needed in order for you to become a full member of these sites.
How To Get Your First Job?
When you are already a member of any of the freelancing sites the best thing to do in order to attract employers is to take some test and make your profile fit for that desired job. "Do NOT APPLY FOR A JOB THAT YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH!”. It is advisable to stay on the field of interest rather than jumping into another job which needs skills that you do not possess. Just focus on these points.
  • · Top The Test (if there are any)
  • · Answer the questions and prove to them that you knew what you are talking about
  • · Do Not Spam your Application letter(if there are any)
  • · Never Give UP
  • · Portfolio
Based on my experience having a good profile like topping some test will help alleviate your chances of getting a contract. My first job was as a project researcher at a Tampa Based company. I was hired mainly because of that test that I topped. I work as a researcher and all the data that I have gathered were used for the market research.
Your application letter should contain enough information to sell your services and get the attention of any employers on the web. Application letters are useful tools to sell yourself that is why it is advisable not to spam it.
Another thing is when you are interviewed, there are employers that are very keen and particular about a subject matter which prompted them to ask a lot about this and that. The best thing would be to “WOW” them with your answers and prove to them that you know and you have the skills. The portfolio can also help in proving to them that you are indeed an expert in your field and can substantiate the skills in your profile.
Lastly, if all else fails never give up. When you fall it is a blessing as you will learn more as you go along the way. A winner never quits they just die trying. =)

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