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How to Earn Money Online by Blogging

What is a blog?

A blog is an interactive website in which the author records its opinion or ideas on a certain matter or subject on a regular basis. The difference between a website and a blog is that It allows its visitor to leave comments and share its ideas on the said issue or subject matter.  The word blog comes from the two-word web log which is original for its name “blog” and later on changes into what it was now. A blog can be made by a single person or a group of people called MAB –multi-authored blog.
How Can I earn from my Blog?
There are many ways to monetize your blog, one of which is through PPC programs. PPC or pay per click programs is a great way to earn money through blogging. The mechanism for PPC programs is to place ads strategically in your blog and hope that visitors will click on your ads, in this way you will earn specific value for each click (CPC-cost per click).

Your blog can also earn through joining affiliate programs. You can earn from a single product being sold through your marketing efforts. This is somewhat a commission based money making program wherein you get a certain percentage when you successfully sold any item; commissions are sometimes 40-70% of the price sales.
You can also accept paid survey programs which pay you when you finish the task given to you. There are plenty of paid surveys on the net which you can join but you just to be more careful and watch for those scammers.
There are many ways on how you can earn money from blogging provided that your blog has substantial features like having quality traffic and great content, guest post, paid content and begging are just a few of the hundred ways to earn money from your blog.
How can I start my own blog?
Well, there is a myriad of blogging platforms and hosting provider out there on the internet that you can choose to. The most common of them is blogger. What you need to do is to register on blogger and then you can have your own blog site. Generate good contents and attract more visitors.
The purpose of blogging is to connect, share, and interact with other people of the same interest. Money making is only last on the list of priority but what happens to us right now is that blogging has been abused. Most bloggers create blog for the sole purpose of getting cash, what they don’t know is that people who are successful in blogging are the people who do not think of making money through blogs but enjoy writing about their expertise and experience which they have expressed through blogging. Think not of the money when you blog for if that is the case DO NOT BLOG AT ALL! Just find yourself a job in that way you can be sure of that you can have a suitable income.

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