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How to Earn Money Online by Freelancing

The internet has provided us all the means to earn money online but the problem for most of us, who are new, is that we do not know the way how to utilize it. When you research about how to earn money online, it seems that a deluge of information will be showed to you with some claiming to earn as much as a hundred to a thousand bucks per day/hour.
If you look at clearly at these claims, you will found out that the recipe is missing.  They only showed us the taste but never teach us the right way how to do it. Some may need you to deposit some bucks and some are just a pure “SCAM”.

As an online beneficiary, it really irked me a lot seeing those kinds of articles, videos, and blogs that are misleading. Yes, they may be earning a lot but why do they have to hide the secret? Why do they have to put in a puzzling way? Why not elaborate it in such a manner that newbies on the web can understand? These questions have been running through my mind when I was still on the quest to find real treasures online.
I have also been once an ignoramus with respect to making money online that is why I have reared up this blog to be a guide for those who wants to generate a suitable income just like me.
How Did I do It?
You might me be asking how did I earn a suitable money online? The Answer would be. Freelancing!
Freelancing is rendering your services to any contractor without any long-term contract with respect to any of them. That is how I earn money online.
*2011 earnings as a freelancer, you can do better than me! =)

How to Become a Freelancer?
In order to be a freelancer, you must join some freelancing sites where you can post your profile, in this manner, you will be noticed by the employer. There are plenty of freelancing sites on the web and some of these are ODESK,, guru, Elance etc. You can join on this site for free and create your profile there.  Freelancing sites act as a marketplace  where employers post their jobs and you as a freelancer would bid/apply for the job being posted on these sites.
These are the tips on how to become a successful freelancer online
  • Never apply for a job that is not within your skills
  • Never spam
  •  Sell yourself well through your application letter
  • Prove to them that you have the knowledge regarding your field
  • Do not fake your portfolio
  • Be a fighter
For more tips on how to become a freelancer online CLICK here.

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